Valerian Root Extract


Product common name : Valerian Root Extract
Botanical name : Valerian Officinalis
Standardized For : Ratio
Country of origin : India
Use & application : Nutraceutical
Appearance : Free flowing powder form
Shelf life : 3 Years

About Valerian Root Extract –

Valerian is an herb. Medicine is made from the root. Its root has been used to promote relaxation and sleep since ancient times. Valerian root contains a number of compounds valerenic acid, isovaleric acid and a variety of antioxidants. Valerian roots has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy to treat headaches, nervousness, trembling, and heart palpitations.

Benefits Of Valerian Root Extract – 

VenkateshFood’s valerian root can treat a variety of health conditions, including insomnia, anxiety, headaches, digestive problems, menopause symptoms, and post-exercise muscle pain and fatigue.

Help You Sleep Better
Reduction of Hot Flashes in Menopausal Women
Treat Menstrual problems
Restless legs syndrome
Parkinson’s disease
Treat insomnia
Anxiety and Stress Management
Reduction of Premenstrual Symptoms


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