Rauwolfia Reserpine


Product common name : Rauwolfia Reserpine
Part used : Roots
Standardized For : USP/BP/EP/IP
Country of origin : India
Use & application : Nutraceutical
Appearance : Free flowing powder form
Shelf life : 3 Years

About Rauwolfia Reserpine – 

Rauwolfia was used in folk medicine in India for centuries, it is an evergreen shrub that is a member of the dogbane or Apocynaceae family. More than 100 species are included in the Rauwolfia genus, and they are native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world. It is used to treat a wide variety of maladies, including snake and insect bites, febrile conditions, malaria, abdominal pain, and dysentery. It was also used as a uterine stimulant, febrifuge, and cure for insanity.

Benefits Of Rauwolfia Reserpine – 

VenkateshNatural’s Rauvolfia used for convulsions, fever, weakness, inability to sleep, mental disorders, pain, arthritis, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and health of the stomach, intestines, and liver. It is also used to promote sleepiness and vomiting.


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