Paprika Color Powder


Product common name : Paprika Color Powder
Standardized For : Xanthophyll
Country of origin : lndia
Uses & application : Coloring
Appearance : Liquid form
Solubility : Water & Oil soluble
Shelf life : 12 Months

About Paprika Color Powder –

Paprika is a ground spice made from dried varieties of peppers. It ranges from sweet to hot in intensity, and some varieties of paprika have a smoky flavor. Most are mild. The color of paprika can also vary from bright orange to deep red. Paprika is used in various cuisines around the world, including Hungarian, Spanish, and Mexican cuisines.

Paprika contains capsaicin, a compound found in peppers that has been shown to have a wide range of health benefits. For example, it has antioxidant properties, can help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, improve immunity, and even alleviate gas.

Benefits Of Paprika Color Powder – 

VenkateshNatural’s paprika color powder is a mild spice and loaded with antioxidants as well as essential vitamins and minerals that can keep your body healthy. Its rich color can be attributed to the presence of carotenoids. 

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Provides Energy
  • Eye Health
  • Assists Digestion
  • Promotes Sound Sleep
  • Antibacterial Properties
  • Prevents Scurvy
  • Prevents Anemia
  • Cardiovascular Benefits
  • Wound Healing
  • Maintains Hair Color
  • Prevents Hair Loss
  • Treatment of Spider Veins
  • Treatment of Skin Problems
  • Paprika for Glowing Skin
  • Anti-ageing Benefits
  • Lightens Complexion
  • Pain Relief
  • Healthy Weight
  • Cancer Prevention


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