Organic Shankhpushpi Extract


Product common name : Organic Shankhpushpi Extract
Botanical name : Convolvulus pluricaulis
Standardizad For : Alkaloids
Country of origin : lndia
Part used : Herbs
Appearance : Free flowing powder
Shelf life : 3 Years

About Organic Shankhpushpi Extract – 

Shankhpushpi, an Ayurvedic medicine. Shankhpushpi is particularly well known amongst Ayurvedic practitioners due to its strong effect on the brain. Its ability to reduce stress, anxiety memory loss and sleeplessness (amongst other things), it’s no surprise that this Indian native creeper plant is such a highly regarded natural wonder. It is also useful in cold cough, headaches as well. It is considered anti-ageing and improves life longevity. It’ll also improve skin quality, overall strength. Helps in getting good sleep, relieves anxiety and depression.

Benefits Of Organic Shankhpushpi Extract – 

VenkateshNatural’s Organic Shankhpushpi extract have exhibited a wide of in vitro and in vivo pharmacological effect, including CNS depression, anxiolytic, tranquilizing, antidepressant, anti-stress, neurodegenerative, anti-amnesic, antioxidant, hypolipidemic, immunomodulatory, analgesic, antifungal, antibacterial, antidiabetic, antiulcer, anticatatonic, and cardiovascular activity.

Stimulates digestion
Helps with ADHD
Protect the heart
Help with Epilepsy
Relieves anxiety and fights depression
helps with headaches
helps with Sleeplessness
helps with memory and cognition
Reduces Mental Fatigue
Enhances Cardiac Functioning
Augments Skin Health
Prevents Headache


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