Organic Gymnema Extracts


product common name : Organic Gymnema extracts
Botanical name : Gymnema sylvestre
Part used : Leaves
Country of origin : India
Packaging : 25 KG HDPE/Carton drum/bag
Appearance : Powder
Shelf life : 3 Years

About Organic Gymnema Extracts – 

Gymnema is in an ancient Indian system of medical knowledge dating back 5,000 years, uses Gymnema sylvestre to treat snake bites and for its antimicrobial activity. The Hindi name for gymnema means “destroyer of sugar.” People use gymnema for diabetes, weight loss, and other conditions. Gymnema sylvestre leaves contain gymnemic acids, which are major bioactive ingredients that act to suppress the taste of sugar by interacting with taste receptors on the tongue.

Benefits Of Organic Gymnema Extracts – 

VenkateshNatural’s organic gymnema extract is used for diabetes, metabolic syndrome, weight loss, and cough. It is also used for malaria and as a snake bite antidote, digestive stimulant, laxative, appetite suppressant, and diuretic.

Obesity (weight loss)
Indigestion (and other digestive disorders)
Constipation (as a stool softener)
Snake bites
Metabolic syndrome
Hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol)
Softening the stool (laxative)
Increasing urine excretion (diuretic)
Snake bites


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