Organic Green Chilli Powder


product common name : Organic Green Chilli Powder
Botanical name : Capsicum annuum
Part used : Green chilli
Country of origin : India
Drying Method : Grounded powder
Appearance : Powder form
Shelf life : 12 Months

About Organic Green Chilli Powder –

Green chilli–a well-known Indian food component rich in vitamin B6, vitamin A, iron, copper, potassium and a small amount of protein and carbohydrates. Green chillies have higher water content and zero calories which makes them a healthy choice for those who are trying to shed some pounds. Green chillies are a rich source of beta–carotene, antioxidants and endorrphins while red chilies consumed in excess can cause internal inflammation which results in peptic ulcers.

Benefits Of Organic Green Chilli Powder –

VenkateshNatural’s Organic Green chilli powder are said to be a rich source of nutrients that are valuable for your body’s well-being and contain a rich mix of Vitamins A, C, K and the phytonutrient called capsaicin which prevents the growth of cancer cells in our body.

prostate problems
Improve your skin regime
cure stress
Lower body temperature
Natural source of iron
Balance blood sugar levels
Improve your immune system
Pain reliever, digestive and ulcer preventative
Treat Skin Infections
Digestive Health
Weight Loss
Prevent Cancer
Good for the Heart
Cure the Common Cold
Combat Mood Swings
Prevent Osteoporosis
Good for the Eyes


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